Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Cold Night for Chickens

A lot of people comment on chickens, calling them dinosaurs or reptilian or what have you. Although I myself have seen the similarity, there's nothing like a winter chill to remind you why chickens survived the ice ages and velociraptors did not. These birds are cold hardy! We've had whole week full of nights in the teens with waterers turning to ice and cars that won't start, but the chickens continue to run around, lay eggs, and chit-chat with nothing but their feathers on! Meanwhile, I'm in my January clothes wondering what happened to mild NC winters.

Mornings with chickens are a little easier now -- our layer flock is finally ONE as we have introduced our original mini-flock of golden comets with our younger heritage and americauna rangers. This is especially good for winter time as it fills the coop up all the way at night and makes our feeding and watering duties centralized.

Our oldest round of broilers are also now living la vida al aire libre (bad transliteration) cooping in the greenhouse with an outdoor run. And today our flock of young white rock cockerels will move into a mobile coop with insulation, greenhouse film, and a low-tunnel design.

Pics to come!

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