Eightfold: A Farming Philosophy

We see our farm as an eightfold system of renewal which involves an eightfold interaction of cycles or processes: living, dying, mineral, atmospheric, spring, summer, fall, and winter. The name Eightfold symbolizes a commitment to holistic agricultural stewardship -- ecological farming with an attention to biodiversity, integrated management systems, and reduced dependence on off-farm inputs and petroleum.

We also see eight categories of products or services that a diversified farm can offer: fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs and meat, herbs and flowers, dairy products, seeds and breed stock, value-added goods, natural resources (from timber to carbon sequestration), and entertainment and education. While we have yet to explore all of these possible categories, it is our goal at Eightfold Farm to realize the depth and breath of an eightfold agriculture and to bring eightfold abundance to our local community.